Interactive AR urban planning - Attractive City Generator

Attractive City Generator, is a part of a research program in Zyrich, created by Sofia Georgakopoulou, Edyta Augustynowicz, Stefanie Sixt and Dimitri Demin. " The idea behind it, is to explore urban design methodologies, based on object oriented programming." It is very interesting how this project brings closer the idea of public participation in urban design , since it communicates very successfully basic urban planning principles. The idea of using augmented reality for interactive urban planing models seams very promising for the designers as well. Real time location suitability and many other types of analysis, can be performed in 3d, helping decision making and evaluation. It is certainty a step in making 3d virtual reality something more than iconic modelling. 


ROME - interactive virtual dreams

WebGl has really amazing possibilities. ROME is "an interactive film" according to the developer Chris Milk.  The user can navigate, choose views and create objects, in an already made animation movie which simulates a ride in different urban environments. This experiment can render visual models Real time. As the people behind Rome said, "WebGl has the ability to change your browser into an open-source video game console".

The final destination is an imaginary virtual world where the user can wander around and explore. Reminds me of some Mike Oldfield visualisations made in the early 90's, where the user could choose an avatar in order to navigate in a virtual imaginary world, filled with Oldfields' experimental music. It was basically a musical vr game found in his (at the time) new album "Tres Lunas", on the idea of melding virtual reality and music (available in http://tubular.net/). Nevertheless, Rome is definitely a different approach to a virtual trip. The users are able to create their own virtual dream and communicate it into the world wide web.

Rome is a WebGl Chrome experiment and therefore needs chrome browser and a relatively strong graphic card.
For launching "the dream":