Agents and Sustainability in Unity 3D

Built in Unity 3D, this is an early attempt to create a simple model of energy consumption using agents and interactivity in a playful manner. Eve, the avatar from the infinite museum and her sisters, are looking for energy to grow. Once found, they no longer move in panic. That is until they have consumed the energy they stored..

It is not arguable that there is a relentless hunt for energy supply these days and renewable energy is one of the key topics in discussions about the future of the city. Building an intelligent sustainable urban environment is a priority and we seem to be heading towards there... however, urban areas and the demand for energy keeps growing in an accelerating ratio, and the lack of it, seems to be causing panic. On top of that, unexpected events keep coming and they seem to destroy all the effort for planning and predictions.

It is a fact though, that simulations, can help us understand the consequences of decisions and help in avoiding at least the obvious mistakes.

This is part of a PhD research and part of the research work at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis in UCL.


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