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2014 Roumpani Flora and Prof. Alan Wilson "Science, communication and urban planning practice" at RIBA Think Piece Series - Digitizing the planning system -RIBA smart cities work,

2014 Roumpani Flora, Polly Hudson, “The evolution of London: the city's near-2,000 year history mapped”, the, 15 May.

2013 Roumpani Flora, “Developing classical and contemporary models in ESRI's City Engine” CASA working Paper 191, at Presented at the 2013 AUM Conference in Cambridge.

2013 Michael Batty, Steven Gray, Andrew Hudson-­Smith, Richard Milton, Oliver O’Brien and Flora Roumpani, “Visualising Spatial and Social Media”, CASA working Paper 190, at

2013 Roumpani Flora, O’ Brien Ollie, Smith H. Andrew, “Creating, visualizing and modeling the real-time city” Conference Proceedings Hybrid City II; Subtle Revolutions, Athens, 2013.

2011 Roumpani Flora “Online Social Networking, the role of the Architect”, in the “11th Pan-Hellenic Architectural Conference”, organized by SADAS-PEA and the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change.

2006 Roumpani Flora, Takou Eleni, "A Study of circulation patterns in 12 museum spaces", University of Patras, Department of Architecture, 2006.

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