Untitled #1 - local Avoidance

In CASA UCL, we have been exploring diffrent assets in Unity 3D. The local avoidance asset of the A* Pathfinding Project, seems to be a complete and one of the most interesting toolkits for simulating hundrends, maybe thousands of agents real-time. Among others, it includes a complete local avoidance system based on RVO and ORCA.

There seams to be a slight glitch in the generation of diffrent graphs, but overall it can add up to about 6000 - 7000 pathfinding elements without causing any problems and the source code is open for further development. In this visualization the elements not only detect one another, but also have a basic interaction with their enviroment (In this case the space created by the 3D text). In this case there are points in the 3d text which attract more than others and create clusters which fill the space inside the graph.  There are two graphs used, one which detects obstacles, such as 3d objects and one which attracts the bots to specific locations.
find the A* Project at : http://arongranberg.com/astar/features


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