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3D Paris - An Interactive approach

image source: obey magazine

3D Paris is an interactive application designed for IPad and following Recce, it aims in bringing the 3D city closer to the user. The viewer can wander in the streets of Paris of 1829, learn about the evolution of the city, or enjoy an aerial view of the city from the top floor of the Eiffel tower.

In this application the city itself becomes the object of interest, creating a bridge between the broader public and urban history. Virtual reality and the interactive approaches of gaming are being applied on the actual form of the city and that makes me wonder of how long till we see interactive city planning.

In any case, watching something like this makes me anticipate for an application narrating the history of Athens, the Parthenon and the Ancient Agora. I am looking forward to chatting with the ancient philosophers instead of kinect's (now cancelled) "Milo"...

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